Austin Mollins began taking photographs at just nine years old, already interested in nature and capturing the moments of wonder she found within it. Then, at sixteen, armed with her grandmother's Nikon film camera, she began exploring the world of black and white imagery. Focusing on learning the trade and honing her skills, she soon fell in love with the art of photography.


After visiting British Columbia and immersing herself in the endless, lush colours of the Pacific Northwest, she knew this was home and decided to go to school here. Austin studied Visual Arts and Foundations of Film making and went on to work in the film industry for eight years. In 2014 Austin decided it was time to create her own art.

Today she has been a professional photographer of her own company for the last six years. In those years, Austin had the opportunity to learn different styles, including commercial and marketing, product, wedding, fashion, and of course, adventure and outdoor lifestyle photography. Austin has tried to keep diversifying her skills to better support you with what you need while maintaining a style that she can call her own.

"I would be honoured to have the chance to make beautiful art together." 

-Austin Mollins


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